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Become a Distributor,

Provide Your Clients with Better Solutions!


The Flash Advantage


Our versatile display systems have applications that serve the needs of your clients better than existing alternatives and other fabric frame systems. Becoming a Flash distributor means providing your clients with superior value - putting you at a distinct advantage to your competitors. 



Flash distributors receive:


  • Better looking display products to offer their clients

  • The widest range of fabric display products 

  • Low cost rental display range for clients on a budget

  • Industry-specific sales support 

  • Design consultation and product manufacturing services

  • Nationwide installation services


To learn more about the support Flash distributors receive, click here.


The Flash Guarantee 


We consider the trust between us and our distributors to be the foundation of our business. Because of this we promise to hold any information about your business in absolute confidence, acting strictly within the realms of a wholesaler to you.


Our mission is to provide our distributors with products and services that enable them to deliver greater value to their clients. We're committed to your success!




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