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FLASH DISPLAY UNITS are manufactured from our design trademarked tension frame fabric display systems which are designed to be adaptable and versatile across a range of display applications. The superior quality of the Flash display unit frames make them long lasting and their unique design make them reusable, so that changing a print can be quick and easy. This display system is particularly perfect for the retail and events industry where images need to be changed annually and seasonally.


Below are the different Flash display units we design and manufacture into products:

Anchor 1 Curves
NEW! Curves bring a variety of contemporary display possibilities
Anchor 2 Celings
Ceiling light boxes totally change the dynamics of a room
Anchor 3 Groove & Lughtbox
The versatile Flash Groove System
Anchor 4 Cube & SlimMount
The dynamic Flash Light box custom made units
The Flash Cube System custom made for large and small displays
The Flash Slim Mount custom made for most wall mount applications

With Flash Display Solutions you have two options when you order and design your display

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