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"Education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world"


FREEDOM from Economic shackles
requires LITERACY.


His Long Walk to Freedom started many years ago but the fight will only end when we complete the economic freedom challenges of the next generation.

Mr. Mandela once asked our Generation TO BE GREAT! Take his words to HEART. Join forces and CREATE a WORLD in WHICH ALL OUR CHILDREN CAN BE FREE.



Giving the gift of literacy is the most significant step one can take to economic liberation. Each child that can read has the power to be an agent for change!


The Mandela Day Library project

Since its inception in 2011, the total amount of children who now have access to Mandela Day Libraries has past 40 000 children a day. The libraries have a direct and real impact on the young minds in each school where we locate the libraries. The primary objective is to give the children a "hand up" and not a "hand out". They have it in their power to learn to read with the use of the library and with that, we hope that they will use the skill of reading to learn further.

This is why we fill the libraries with books that are aspiration and inspirational. Ideas and places to go that will help to inspire change and hope, as well as the desire to learn more and stay in school.

To find out how you can contribute further to the project visit us at

Own this Beautiful charcoal portrait of Nelson Mandela by South African artist, Jenny Mallon.  This reproduction is printed to the highest standard, on fabric which has been designed to fit into the Flash Slim mount frame included. This kit comes with easy to follow instructions.

Featuring Mandela’s famous quote,

“Education is the most powerful weapon
which one can use to change the world”


The proceeds from the purchase of this artwork will go towards The Mandela Long Walk to Freedom Libraries Project.

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